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Default educate urself

this 2 hour movie has been out for some time now. id just like to share it with TI and see what everyones opinion is because this movie is a real scare and makes you question quite a bit

to break down the 2 hour movie for you, its about how religion is complete b.s, there is no jeebus christ, its all based on the sun and stars. it also discusses the events of 9/11 + pentagon, and how eventually we will all be ruled by 1 government. of course theres a lot of other things included as well but this is just a quick overview.
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what is the title of the movie?
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i never believed in any religion anyway, but the whole propaganda ---- thats happening right now is scary.

funny how not a lot of people know about the new currency "amero".. you'd think news of that magnitude would be front page ---- and all over cnn.. just hope the public opens there eyes, and soon, because ***** gonna hit the fan.
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Originally Posted by DRT acura View Post
Oh man im gonna go to hell for this but who cares, Sammy OWNED the bible
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